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Marvin Achi also known as Shredded to the core, a name which is more so a goal he set for himself during his transformation period while everyone called him "Starving Marvin". Alongside his dedication as a fitness coach and his passion towards making a difference in the lives of others through fitness, he is also a Fitness Model, TV Personality, USA Physique Champion and Chemical Engineer with additional degrees in Mathematics & Chemistry.

His enthusiasm for fitness, and his science background alongside 8 years  of consistent training has equipped him with knowledge in understanding & mastering the science of Weight loss, Muscle gain and building an attractive physique. Marvin is now sharing his knowledge and expertise with the world by offering the exact strategy he used to transform not only himself but also transforming the bodies, lifestyles & mindsets of countless others in as few as 3 months, which he emphasizes is more than enough time period to see amazing transformation.

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